Coming up from Library Juice Press

Library Juice Press has a number of book projects forthcoming in the Winter and Spring.

Coming up soonest are these two:

Shortly following on those will be a compilation of articles from Progressive Librarian on the myth of library neutrality, edited by Alison Lewis.

Coming up in the Spring will be these:

Also in the Spring will be an anthropological study of the Library of Congress by Samuel Collins that is a very interesting read.

Following those will be some books that I’d like to keep under wraps for the time being.

I hope you’re as excited about these projects as I am!

3 comments on “Coming up from Library Juice Press

  1. Rory,

    The Durrani collection looks especially interesting as does the compilation from Progressive Librarian.

    Any more information on the “anthropological study of the Library of Congress”? This sounds very intriguing.

    I really, really hope one of your future titles will be a Sandy Berman biography (or maybe a book by the great man himself).

    Keep up the great work!


  2. I’ll put up some information about the book about the Library of Congress sometime soon.

    I’d also be interested in doing something relating to Sandy Berman. Finding a biographer is not an easy thing to do. A biography that would do justice to Berman and his career would be a very big undertaking. I’m open to it and talking to people, but nothing to report as yet.

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