“Facts Count”: Examination of David Horowitz’s Dangerous Academics book

Free Exchange on Campus, a coalition of academic and public interest groups formed in response to David Horowitz’s “Academic Bill of Rights” initiative campaign, has just released a major report refuting Horowitz’s book, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. The coalition’s researchers introduce the report…

After conducting interviews with the professors in Mr. Horowitz’s book and fact-checking Mr. Horowitz’s evidence, the Free Exchange on Campus coalition has drawn the following conclusions:

  • Mr. Horowitz’s book condemns professors for actions that are entirely within their rights and entirely appropriate in an atmosphere that promotes the free exchange of ideas.
  • Mr. Horowitz’s research is sloppy in the extreme and, we believe, manipulated to fit his arguments.
  • In our view, Mr. Horowitz’s conclusions are based on faulty premises.

One comment on ““Facts Count”: Examination of David Horowitz’s Dangerous Academics book

  1. A friend sent me an article about this from the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

    A member of “Free Exchange, said the group would send its report to
    newspapers across the country and disseminate it wherever Mr. Horowitz plans to
    speak. ‘When we hear of him going some place or a committee considering his
    academic bill of rights, we think it’s going to be important to put this in
    their hands,’ he said.

    Mr. Horowitz decried such a tactic. ‘It’s a political campaign,’ he said. ‘This
    is fine for when you’re electing candidates or something, but it’s really
    inappropriate for an academic discussion.”

    I just had to laugh at this last statement by Horowitz. It’s a political campaign all right – started by Horowitz.

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