Forthcoming books

Library Juice Press has a number of book projects in the works. Four of them are far-enough along that I feel I can announce them at this point:

  • Questioning Library Neutrality: Essays from Progressive Librarian, edited by Alison Lewis
  • Information and Liberation: Writings on the Politics of Information and Librarianship, by Shiraz Durrani
  • Information for Social Change: Writings from a Radical Library Collective, edited by Shiraz Durrani
  • Eugène Morel: Pioneer of Public Libraries in France, by Gaëtan Benoît

There are a number of other projects that are less well-defined and more in their beginning stages.

I will offer some reflections on the publishing business in the age of the micro-press and print-on-demand down the road a spell. As a teaser, you can expect me to say that I think publishing companies are still needed, for a couple of reasons: first, because someone needs to sort the wheat from the chaff (really, most self-published works are crap); and second, and more interesting I think, is that an often overlooked role of the publisher is to work in collaboration with authors and potential authors to generate ideas for book projects and to help see those projects through to their fruition. I started reading about that aspect of publishing when I was first doing my research before starting Library Juice Press, and I’m finding it to be the most rewarding thing about the business. Two of the four books listed above were initiated by me (though the writing was already done). Another half-dozen books that are in their beginning stages are books that I either discovered unpublished or am hoping to work with authors to bring into existence.

Books presently in print include:

6 comments on “Forthcoming books

  1. Rory,

    Is there anybody out there who is working on a biography of Sandy Berman? Maybe even an autobiography from the great man himself? I can’t think of a better publisher for these works than Library Juice Press.

    Cataloger, Metropolitan Library System, OKC, OK

  2. I would love to publish a good biography of Sanford Berman, but it would have to be by the right person. Not just anybody could do it. I don’t think I would want to publish his autobiography. I don’t think it would be good for one of his close followers to write it either. I think it’s the same with any charismatic leader, especially during his lifetime; how do you find the right biographer? It has to be someone far enough from the subject not to idealize him and help him settle his scores, but close enough to get access to the material.

  3. Do you have any plans in the future for a Berman bio.? Will the definitive work have to wait until he passes away?


  4. I don’t have any definite plans but I’m definitely thinking about it and would like to do it. My guess is that others are thinking about it as well!

  5. Are you able to give a ballpark date for the Library Neutrality title? When it might be available?


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