Help needed – used pocket cards

This is a call for people to send me used pocket cards, you know, that your library may at one time have used to keep records of what books are checked out. I’m helping my designer design a cover for an upcoming book. If you send a card or cards to me, you’ll be acknowledged in the book.

You can send them to:

Library Juice Press
PO Box 3320
Duluth, MN 55803

I would really appreciate the help.

The cards I’m talking about are the things that look like these:

Many thanks – I appreciate your help.

5 comments on “Help needed – used pocket cards

  1. We mostly just keep using them inside the book until they’re full, then I guess we pitch them and put in a normal date-due slip.

    Doesn’t happen often.

    I’ve got a mostly blank one I can send you that’s on my desk right now…just has title and LC call no, never checked out.

  2. Did you still need more pocket cards? I’ve managed to find 11 cards (some full on one side, some with only one check out). I can send them to you if you still need them at this point.

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