Information for Social Change #23

The new issue of Information for Social Change, issue 23, is now online. It is a bigger-than-usual issue with some provocative and interesting articles. Information for Social Change is a British organization of radical library workers.

Here is the table of contents:

Contents and Editorial

* Contents
* Editorial: Education for Social Change – by Glenn Rikowski


* Class, Capital and Education in this Neoliberal and Neoconservative Period – by Dave Hill
* To Teach or Not to Teach? The Dilemma of a Left-wing Student – by Alison Tuffs
* Education and the Politics of Human Resistance – by Glenn Rikowski
* The Age of the Corporate State Versus The Informational and Cognitive Public Domain – by Zapopan Mart?ɬ?n Muela-Meza
* ‘Pay as you learn’! The ‘Learning Society’ Rhetoric in the EU-Sponsored Research Projects – by Dionyssios S. Gouvias
* Critical Mass – by Phil Badger and Glenn Rikowski
* What is Moral Education? – by Susan Devine
* Teaching Ethical Issues in Information Technology: How and When – by Ruth Rikowski
* Critical Perspectives in E-Learning – by Paul Catherall
* Education for Social Change or for Capital Crisis Resolution – by Helen Raduntz
* Problems in Education Today – by Victor Rikowski

E-Dialogues and E-Interviews

* Education for a Socialist Future – An E-Dialogue between Rich Gibson and Glenn Rikowski
* Where has youth radicalism gone? Political participation and democratic pedagogy – An e-dialogue between Alpesh Maisuria and Spyros Themelis
* Critical Pedagogy Reloaded: An E-Interview with Peter McLaren – Peter McLaren interviewed by Glenn Rikowski
* Marxism and Educational Theory: An E-Interview with Mike Cole – Mike Cole interviewed by Glenn Rikowski

Book Reviews

* Linear Hymns, a collection of lyrics and poems by Giles Paley-Phillips – reviewed by Paul Catherall
* Foibles, Frolics and Phantasms: Illustrated poems (1995-2005), by Paul Catherall – reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
* Delivering E-learning for Information Services in Higher Education, by Paul Catherall – reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
* The Copy/South Dossier: issues in the economics, politics, and ideology of copyright in the global South, The Copy/South Research Group, Edited by Alan Story, Colin Darch and Debora Halbert – reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
* Open Access: key strategic technical and economic aspects, Edited by Neil Jacobs – reviewed by Ruth Rikowski

Biographical Reflections

* Combining Information and Library work with the Arts and Artistic Creativity, Research and Theory: it is all possible! – A focus on Paul Catherall – by Ruth Rikowski


* The All Rounder (The Centre of Everything) – by Gregory Rikowski
* The Ideal World – by Gregory Rikowski


* Education beyond Retromodernism, and Towards Really Useful Workers’ Knowledge – by Glenn Rikowski

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  1. Hi Rory:
    Thanks for posting this; it looks like a meaty issue. As one gets bogged down in day to day tasks at work, it is easy to forget there are some really interesting journals out there.

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