Israeli authorities planning to destroy a Palestinian library in Jerusalem

This isn’t an analysis of a military action after the fact, as with last July’s reports of the destruction of a public documents archive in Nablus.

What is happening now is that Israeli authorities have issued a warrant to the owner of the building housing an important Palestinian library in Jerusalem, ordering him to evacuate the building so that it can be demolished to make way for the construction of a train station. The Al-Ansari Library on Saint George St. is one of the most important libraries in Jerusalem, and its destruction would mean a great blow to the cultural survival of the Palestinian people.

Thanks to Tom Twiss for sharing this news with the SRRT list.

2 comments on “Israeli authorities planning to destroy a Palestinian library in Jerusalem

  1. oh no, this is terrible! as a librarian and a jewish activist for the palestinian people, this just feels like a quadruple punch in the gut for me. do you have any sense of what can be done to fight this?

  2. ok, i passed this along to my friend who is a human rights lawyer (well, she’s a lawyer here, there she is becoming one and working with/for on) over there and she’s going to talk to icahd about the legality of this and see what she can find out/if there’s anything that can be done/spread the word widely.

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