Koofers – stealing students’ work to help other students cheat

No comment on this other than to say that Koofers is incredibly slimy, and it rankles me that they seem to be getting some tacit support from legitimate institutions. Here is a post by my friend Nicole Pagowsky on how Koofers ripped off one of her student papers and posted it to their for-profit site with a copyright notice.

I guess the good part is that the English language now has a useful new verb: “to koofer” – to steal something, claim it belongs to you, charge money for it, and then when called on it to pretend that it never happened.

2 comments on “Koofers – stealing students’ work to help other students cheat

  1. Koofer might be engaged in widespread copy-fraud: they are claiming rights to everything on the site (student papers, exams/quizzes created by faculty…). So not just slimy, but illegal?

  2. I agree koofers is the worst rip off of college education ever. Their angel and VC are going to regret investing in something that will certainly be sued at some point for copyright infringement.

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