LA Times on librarians (1920)

This is great: A Librarian’s Job, from the Los Angeles Times, circa 1920. Melissa Adler dug it up from the SLIS library at UW Madison and posted it on her blog. It’s just the kind of thing that I collected and compiled in Library Daylight: Tracings of Modern Librarianship, 1874-1922.

One thing I love about reading century-old items on libraries is that it makes me think about how quirky, quaint, and old fashioned our own blogs are going to look a few generations… hence…

2 comments on “LA Times on librarians (1920)

  1. Thanks for the link! I love this stuff, which is probably why my dissertation deals with librarians’ writings from this era. The UW-Madison SLIS library really is a treasure trove of this type of writing. I really wish more people would study library history.

  2. What a crack-up. I had to pick a blog for a weekly assignment for my MLIS class at San Jose State University (California). Febrifuge did it for me.

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