Librarian Activist blog looking for a new blogger

The person behind the blog (whom I have communicated with by email but who blogs anonymously) has stopped blogging and is looking for someone to take over the project. I would say that that blog has been somewhat unique among progressive library blogs for its Canadian perspective and somewhat anarchist sensibility. (If the blogger would like to comment here and correct me or add to that, I would like that very much.)

Sorry to hear that the blogger has run out of steam; it’s something I understand well having been through it not too long ago. I hope a good person is itching to take it over…

One comment on “Librarian Activist blog looking for a new blogger

  1. Thanks Rory. I think perhaps the blog did have a little bit more Canadian content, since I did get a lot of my news from Canadian listservs. Among others, I’d like to mention the Information Policy Committee listserv from the British Columbia Library Association. It’s really an important listserv fueled by progressively minded librarians always at the forefront of many issues such as media democracy or open access, to name a few. That listserv is open to anyone. It’s worth the look.

    Maybe in the future I will attempt the blog experience again. But next time I think it will be important to focus on one particular issue. LibrarianActivist touched on so many issues it seemed, and most of them are now covered really well in other blogs.

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