Library Juice Press ebooks from ebrary

Books from Library Juice Press and Litwin Books are now available to libraries in ebook form through ebrary.

ebrary (lower case like bell hooks) is one of the major ebook vendors, and has a tight relationship with YBP, being integrated into their Gobi acquisitions platform. We are very happy to be working with them and getting our books out to libraries in ebook form.

Personally, I’m not crazy about web-based ebooks for sustained reading, but find they work well for looking up information on a few pages. As a publisher though (business owner) I am very glad to be able to sell ebooks to libraries, because I know many libraries have a mandate to spend a certain (growing) amount on ebooks.

2 comments on “Library Juice Press ebooks from ebrary

  1. I had a Sony ebook reader that worked well for me, both for reading pdf documents loaded from my computer and books. Because of the typeface technology it is more like reading a book than reading something off a flickering computer screen. Unfortunately, my reader stopped working because of exposure to moisture, i.e. carrying it in my raincoat pocket during the rain.

  2. Stephen,

    Good to know about the Sony e-reader. I have no plans right now to publish ebooks for handheld readers. ebrary is for academic libraries. I don’t see as much of a market for consumer ebooks, not enough to justify investing in the capability yet, not for me anyway.

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