Library student on why librarians need a master’s degree

I find this quite a good statement of the reason librarianship should require a master’s degree. I also found the video interesting in the way that it mixes media together.

5 comments on “Library student on why librarians need a master’s degree

  1. The video was cute and entertaining, but…part of the coursework for a master’s level course was to present an argument about why librarians need a master’s degree?

    When I was getting my MLS, I was amazed at the number of courses I took that were less difficult than some of my high school classes. What I’m seeing here is just another HS-level assignment.

    If librarians want the MLS to be treated with respect, then it will have to become worthy of respect. Assignments like this one will not get us there.

  2. I partially agree. I also have trouble with the lack of intellectual challenge in the library school curriculum. But I think the assignment behind this video could possibly fit into a curriculum that is stronger overall than what was in place in the program I went through. It is hard to tell much about an entire curriculum from one assignment.

  3. Good thing we rural librarians didn’t read the requirements to be a librarian or none of us would be working in this field. Those who pursue an MLS will not contribute to any rural endeavor because it won’t pay what you are worth now that you have your MLS.

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