Machines in the Archives

Richard J. Cox‘s new book is Personal Archives and a New Archival Calling: Readings, Reflections and Ruminations, just out from Litwin Books this January.

I searched around and found a fairly recent article by Dr. Cox that gets into some of the issues that he develops further in the book. If you’d like to get a taste for what you’ll find in parts of his new book, take a look at his November 2007 article in First Monday: “Machines in the archives: Technology and the coming transformation of archival reference.” …

3 comments on “Machines in the Archives

  1. The First Monday article says “This essay emerged from a class assignment in LIS 2223, Archival Access, Advocacy, and Ethics, taught in the Spring 2007 term. Students contributing to this essay include Lisa Alderfer, Brigitta Arden, Therese Barry. Abby Bence, Siri Berdahl, Brian Bleich, Mary Boerger, David Grinnell, D’Arcy Jackson, Yolanda Johnson, Lucy Jones, Kristin Justham, Stephen Kjellman, Angela Manella, Christina D. Patton, David Perrotta, Robin C. Pike, Robert Presutti, Kristiane Pritchard, Matt Strauss, Molly Tighe, Emily Uhrin and Anita Vannucci. …”

    before I buy this book, is it part of some class project or really worth buying? Thats a long list of students contributing to a short article !

  2. Hi… Well, the book is entirely Dr. Cox’s own work, not an extension of the article. It covers those topics, among many others. In the article I think he is just relying on his students for information about the current scene.

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