Myspace: the business of Spam 2.0

Really interesting reading about myspace at Valleywag: Myspace: The Business of Spam 2.0 (Exhaustive Edition). This article points out a number of things about myspace that I wish I had known about or noticed much earlier. For example, did you know that Tom Anderson (everybody’s friend Tom) didn’t create Myspace, but was hired for PR purposes to give it a friendly feel? The real creators were at the peak of a successful career as spammers. Very nice read, a bit of an exposé. Found thanks to Michael Zimmer.

2 comments on “Myspace: the business of Spam 2.0

  1. Responses to Lapinski’s article on the Valleywag blog were remarkable.

    The gist is, “Where something comes from, who is involved and why and how, what it’s motives are, what it’s overall effects might be, what it’s broader implications are .. are IRRELEVANT as long as I,the spit-ball at the center of the universe, personally like playing with MySpace. And, besides, the highest validation is supplied by the supreme arbiter of all things: the market. The success of MySpace speaks for itself.”

    The web-thusiasts don’t want to hear it; they could care less; and, what’s more, Lapinski is, as one genius put it, clearly “retarted [sic]” for even suggesting that people look at MySpace as anything other than what it is commonly and without reflection taken for, as what it presents itself as.

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