New group blog on critical information theory

Arcades Collaborative is a new academic group blog, started by Patrick Keilty, on what could be called critical information theory. Ron Day and a number of really sharp doc students (and a couple of sharp practitioners) are applying critical social theory and philosophy to questions in information studies (or more accurately, using theory to raise new questions in information studies).

Here is the blog’s introductory statement:

Welcome to Arcades Collaborative, a group blog that examines and critiques social and cultural information issues.

The authors of this blog are scholars of information studies and related fields.

As critical researchers, we aim to change society as a whole by raising awareness and promoting alternative and liberatory visions, particularly with regard to social and political inequalities.

Our research attempts to understand the structures, functions, habits, norms, and practices of information and its attendant networks of communication within our society and culture.

We rely on a broad range of scholarship, including philosophy, cultural studies, science and technology studies, communication, library science, museology, archival studies, design, law, sociology, anthropology, computer science, and economics.

This blog provides a forum for scholars to highlight critical information issues and serves as a resource for scholarly communication.

We welcome all comments and look forward to a dynamic exchange of ideas.

I hope to publish work coming out of the Arcades Collaborative, but I know I will have competition.

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