Progressive Council Candidates

Email to lists from Mark Rosenzweig:


Dear SRRT members and other progressives in ALA,

The PLG Coordinating Committee has compiled the following short list of Council candidates (there may be one or two we missed) we believe are truly worthy of your votes.

We urge you to BULLET VOTE for the list, that is, not to vote for a bunch of other candidates just because you want to use up your allotted votes. Using all your votes that way only diminishes the chances of those you really want to see win. This is important because sometimes progressives lose by only a small number of votes.

Bullet voting (using those votes you cast only for the candidates you really want and not just using up all you allotted votes) is the best way to make your votes count for advancing a progressive and socially responsible Council agenda.

Here is the list as it stands now:

  • Ismail Abdullahi
  • Tiffani Conner
  • Loida Garcia Febo
  • Elaine Harger
  • Alan Mattlage
  • K.R. Roberto
  • Pat Wand

Please give these candidates your full support and urge others to vote for them. Feel free to distribute this list as needed.

Mark Rosenzweig
ALA Councilor at large
for the PLG-CC

3 comments on “Progressive Council Candidates

  1. Thank you for providing this list, Rory and Mark- ALA voting can be a rather overwhelming thing. I do have a suggestion, however… it would be helpful to include a brief list of reasons that these particular librarians are your candidates of choice for Council positions. Thanks for all that you do…

  2. This list was put together by the Coordinating Committee of PLG. I am not presently in that group, but at times in the past when I have been or part of another group that compiled this type of list, we did not follow a formal list of criteria. However, in considering each person who came up, we talked about what we thought their basic commitments were and especially how they would promote a progressive agenda on Council. Each person we picked might have had a focus on different types of issues; some might have been more focused on an agenda internal to the library world (fighting the business model in libraries, addressing information policy issues, workplace speech, etc.), and others might have been more focused on other issues (war, poverty, the environment, etc.) where they felt the voice of the Association was important. A willingness to participate in an oppositional way was something we looked for.

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