Progressive Librarian in full text

Folks at the Progressive Librarians Guild have put the full text of back issues of their journal, Progressive Librarian, online. Coverage goes back to issue number one, from 1990. I was on the editorial board of Progressive Librarian for a number of years, and consider them an important venue for library literature that works to strengthen the ties between the profession of librarianship and the left political philosophies that are akin to it. Back issues have been available through Proquest and Ebsco for some time, but their accessibility on the web will give a new level of exposure to the ideas there. Check it out.

3 comments on “Progressive Librarian in full text

  1. Recently learned about both Library Juice and Progressive Librarian – as someone who has been so frustrated and fed up with the passive and uncritical attitudes and methodologies in my LIS grad program I’ve almost dropped out and gone back to cultural studies, I could cry from joy and relief. I am not alone. 🙂

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