Separate Twitter Accounts for Biz and Personal

As I’ve started getting the hang of Twitter I’ve realized I need separate accounts for business stuff (publishing) and personal stuff.

So, the one I announced earlier, @rorylitwin, will be for personal stuff (you’re welcome to follow), and I’m starting a new one, @litwinbooks, for updates concerning Litwin Books and Library Juice Press.

2 comments on “Separate Twitter Accounts for Biz and Personal

  1. Hm. Good question. I guess it’s because I’m running a business that interests some people, and I want to do some twittering for the business, about what it’s doing. People who are interested in that may not be interested in my personal thoughts on the situation in Gaza, for example, or what I am having for lunch.

    You may have noticed that I avoid talking about my personal life in this blog. I like it to be more third-person. (This post is an exception.)

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