The Librarian Act of 2007

Text from the ALA campaign for this legislation:

Next week, to celebrate National Library Week, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) plans to introduce the Librarian Act of 2007. The Librarian Act of 2007 amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to provide for Perkins student loan forgiveness to encourage individuals to become and remain librarians in low-income schools and public libraries.

ALA uses to help with grassroot lobbying of congressmembers, in case you were wondering why that page looks like a page on ALA’s website but has a different domain name.

I found this on the Librarians livejournal.

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  1. Hi, Jessamyn. I’ll update the post to show this… I saw the news on the Librarians livejournal, but if you go to the ALA site, go to Issues & Advocacy tab, then to Take Action!, the link right under the Take Action banner, where it says “contact your legislator,” is out to the ALA section of the CapWiz site. Right now this legislation is at the top of that page, but my link is to the permalink for it.

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