Two articles of interest from The Nation

First, Jeffrey Chester’s Google and Data-Seizure, about the significance of Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick, the internet marketing and company whose business is based on showing banner ads and tracking users’ web surfing. The article is primarily about privacy and what Google’s continuing acquisition of websites means for it (as the data is conglomerated).

Second, Tom Englehardt’s The Draconian Becomes the Norm, which is also about privacy, but in terms of how we are discarding it in the interest of post9/11 “safety.” Our loss of privacy is partly driven, the article asserts, by the clout of the surveillance industry, which is big business.

One comment on “Two articles of interest from The Nation

  1. On a related note, Naomi Klein’s article in the October, 2007 issue of Harper’s notes: “The homeland-security sector is also becoming increasingly integrated with media corporations, a development that has Orwellian implications. In 2004 the digital-communications giant LexisNexis paid $775 million for Seisint, a data-mining company that works closely on surveillance with federal and state agencies.”

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