Voices calling for an end to the library listserv

I think we will be hearing this idea increasingly over the coming years, that the library listserv should go, and we should switch to web-based forums with RSS-type updates instead. That link is to a thread on the Livejournal community, “Libraries.”

Personally, I agree, but I have no problem being patient.

2 comments on “Voices calling for an end to the library listserv

  1. This has been my battle-cry for a long time. I tried to get a discussion blog going, but few have taken part, at this point. Oh well – maybe someday it, and others like it, will take off.

  2. Blah…they still have their uses, and if you set them to digest mode, it’s really not that bad–which reminds me, I need to do that to AUTOCAT. And some of my overly chatty Humanist groups too. A lot of AUTOCAT postings are good, but I don’t have time to read them, so I just chuck them into a folder labled “Professional” to read through later. Also, the AUTOCAT archives are useful.

    One AUTOCAT subscriber recently proposed creating a Wiki organized by topic and filled with a kind of “best of” selections from the AUTOCAT archive–an interesting idea, but you’d still have to be sure to respect the copyright of the original composers of messages, obtain their permission, etc.

    I like blog communities, etc, but I don’t log on to LiveJournal everyday…usually only when I myself have something to say, and then get curious to see what others are saying. But email I do check every day, more or less.

    I use MySpace as a kind of virtual doodle-pad, and save LiveJournal and Blogger for my more “serious” writing.

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