Web action in solidarity with French students

From March 16th (yesterday) through midnight tonight (European time) there is a global electronic political action in support of French students, who are presently on strike in protest of their government’s new labor rules, which support precarious employment conditions that French students view as a threat to their futures. The strike and the demonstrations, which have involved violent clashes, are a serious threat to the current French government, which will probably revisit its new rules.

The electronic civil disobedience action this weekend in support of the students is a “virtual sit in” on French government web servers.

The virtual sit-in setup is a web page with a grid of frames that call on pages on French government servers, and refreshes them frequently. It is a simple, well-designed tool and an interesting action. I have the page running on my computer, reloading those frames every couple of seconds, and I plan to keep it running all day.

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