Yes, you do look like a librarian!

Regarding the Facebook group, No, I don’t look like a librarian!…. Yes, you do look like a librarian! I am not joining the group – because I think really I do not look unlike a librarian, and I think most of the people who joined that group look like the librarians that they are. And there is nothing wrong with that! We look smart! We are smart! We look approachable and helpful! We are approachable and helpful!

Don’t be ashamed of what you are!! Embrace it!

5 comments on “Yes, you do look like a librarian!

  1. I don’t see anything to be ashamed of, but it’s a fun group with a few silly pictures in it — “I don’t look like a librarian because I look like a rusted car in the woods” — people find all sorts of reasons to band together, this is just one teeny one of them.

  2. Jessamyn, you know it’s based on that whole stereotype busting thing that says “Just because I’m a librarian doesn’t mean I’m not cool and sexy (even though everybody thinks librarians are sexy anyway).” To me that discourse just shows how many librarians are uncomfortable about being librarians. Why not look like a librarian?

  3. Hello Rory,
    I’m Kevin Moore, and the ‘No, I Don’t Look Like A Librarian’ group on facebook is my creation. You concluded your blog by saying: “Don’t be ashamed of what you are!! Embrace it!!” I’m not ashamed of what I am, I’m more proud of being a librarian that pretty much anything else in my life aside from my family. I simply thought it’d be a fun group to create, for those of us in the library world who hear those familiar words regularly. It struck me that if I hear them a lot, then others must too. That’s it, that’s all. I’m not ashamed, and I don’t get the sense that any of the other 114 members of this group (that’s only 3 weeks old) are ashamed of being librarians either.

    That’s all I wanted to say … I’m not interested in starting any sort of flame war with you, I just thought I’d weigh in with my 2 cents.


  4. Ha ha! That’s great! I just joined.

    It reminds me of that vegetarian group that started in response to an anti-vegetarian group: “I will not eat nine animals for every three animals that you eat.”

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