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Some good listening

Wisconsin Public Radio’s To the Best of Our Knowledge has an hour-long program this week on libraries, books and reading. Interviewed are Maryanne Wolfe, author of “Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain” (which has some pessimistic things to say about the internet); Geraldine Brooks, who talks about the rare … Read more Some good listening

Whose space?

Puzzle Me, Puzzle You: “My Account” “Your Account” Which is it? The autonomous liberal subject wants to know. Whichever it is, it’s somebody’s account – mine, yours, Jacques Lacan Jr.’s, the Egg Man’s, the Walrus’s – and the password is not to be shared. I want to ponder it but I think I’ll just Be … Read more Whose space?

International InfoLit Logo

That’s the winning design in the IFLA/UNESCO design contest for an International Information Literacy Logo. The winning designer was Edgar Luy Perez, of Havana, Cuba. I like the logo, and I think it was a good idea to pursue in an international effort. It is part of the InfoLit Global Information Literacy Resources Directory.


Robert Kent, Steve Marquardt, Walter Skold, FREADOM, “Friends of Cuban Libraries”… What is that perfume, that perfume that you won’t let anyone forget? Ah, I recognize it…. It is:

or whatever

Obviously the analogy I suggested yesterday for encouraging undergrads to use library resources instead of Google has problems. (It was, “Why eat at McDonalds when you can eat at a five star restaurant for free?”) Objections had to do with the fact that many students like McDonalds and want their info fast and in a … Read more or whatever

Are we the friendly produce consultants of the information age?

After offering reference help to a student the other day and having it refused, I had what I can only call an evil thought. I’d like to share this evil thought with you now, at the risk having an evil influence on library discourse. Sometimes it takes a devil’s advocate, though, to inspire work on … Read more Are we the friendly produce consultants of the information age?

Frankentoons back online

For several years I hosted Joel Kahn’s “Frankentoons,” a fun fair-use protest site, on, and took it down due to a change in my hosting situation. I just received the following from Joel: Yes, the Frankentoon project is back online! Some things should be noted about this current incarnation: I played no part … Read more Frankentoons back online

One Love, One Bank

Bank of America execs exchange their souls for money in front of a camera. Not specifically library related except inasmuch as it paints a good picture of what we’re up against, and gives us a reason to feel good about our chosen career.