Thanks are due…

Often when I send out business correspondence, I feel the necessity to use the first person plural to refer to Library Juice Press and Litwin Books, even though I have no employees, strictly speaking, simply because it is what people expect from a business entity. But when I reflect on all the people who have helped me publish the ten books I have published and the half dozen more that are near publication, I realize that saying “we” is actually a lot more honest than saying “I.” In addition to authors, I have had help from a lot of people, doing graphic design, editing, typing, marketing, indexing, web work, layout, writing prefaces and forewords, and other things – not to mention giving me indispensable advice and helping me get deals done. Now that I’m approaching the end of year three I’d like to list a bunch of people whom I wish to thank publicly for their assistance, whether it was a big help or a small help. Thanks to all of you:

Byron Anderson
Issa Asgarally
David Bade
Lisa Bayer
Jacques Bayle-Ottenheim
Marie Benoit
Cole Benson
Nicole Bretall
Jane Brodsky Fitzpatrick
Denise Carlson
Brooke Chaffee
Ed D’Angelo
Tony Dierkins
Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Georgie Donovan
Shiraz Durrani
Erik Estep
Robbie Franklin
Tim Gerlach
Michael Gorman
Heather Harrison
Nancy Kranich
Alison Lewis
Michelle Lyman Pierson
Topher McCulloch
Carissa Mikkelsen
Ellen and Tony Moore
Paul Nelson
Sarah Nichols
Jacki Nilssen
Wendy Prellwitz
Sarah Rudek
Cheryl Read
Sue Searing
Suzanne Stauffer
Sarah Sussman
Martin Wallace
Brett Wilson

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