The Green Library Movement

Monika Antonelli has an important article in the new Electronic Green Journal called The Green Library Movement: An Overview and Beyond. Here is the abstract:

The creation of green libraries is approaching a tipping point, generating a Green Library Movement, which is comprised of librarians, libraries, cities, towns, college and university campuses committed to greening libraries and reducing their environmental impact. Constructing a green library building using a performance standard like LEED is a way some libraries are choosing to become green and sustainable. Environmental challenges like energy depletion and climate change will influence the type of information resources and programs libraries will provide to their communities.

Monika is an important pioneer who is leading the way to make libraries a core part of a more sustainable society, dovetailing the idea of libraries with emerging ideas from the permaculture movement. I’m glad to see this article and look forward to more. (Can you tell I’m hoping she’ll do a book with LJP?).

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