More on Black Wednesday has also published an article about Black Wednesday and the dire straits that the publishing industry is in: Read It and Weep, by Jason Book. (Click past the ad in the upper right of the page to get to the article.)

The end of days is here for the publishing industry — or it sure seems like it. On Dec. 3, now known as “Black Wednesday,” several major American publishers were dramatically downsized, leaving many celebrated editors and their colleagues jobless. The bad news stretches from the unemployment line to bookstores to literature itself.

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  1. From what I have been hearing it is not just book sellers which are in trouble.

    Many local newspapers are now getting less advertising revenue, & thus laying of jounalists.

    At the same time many campaigning organisations are moving away from a print edition of their various newsletters, and putting them online.

    There is every indication that the global economy is not going to improve until at least 2012, and I wonder just how many large print run periodicals are going to be able to survive that long?

    By the same token this might mean that a lot of small publishers might be able to survive, as they don’t have the fancy offices & high overheads which the big publishers have.

    Lets just keep hoping…!

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